Purity Lake

Herb Lucas Oil Painting Purity Lake

Purity Lake ~ Click to enlarge

Once in a while, I start a painting and then decide set it aside to start a different one. The challenge on this painting was the early morning fog hugging the water. I struggled with properly depicting the reflection of the trees on the still water due to the fog. I worked on the painting for about four months before I decided to rip it off the stretcher. My wife convinced me to set it aside and return to it later.

Next, I started on a painting requested by my daughter Kate. In between both of these challenging paintings, I finished Purity Lake and continue to work on Kate’s big sky painting.


$87.50 Limited Edition Giclee print on paper. 200 signed and numbered by artist. Image size: 14.5×20
Limited Edition Giclee print on stretched canvas. 100 signed and numbered by artist. Size: 16×22

$40 Matted Giclee mini print on paper. Signed by artist. Image size: 5.5×7