Nature’s Gift

Natures Gift

Natures Gift ~ click to enlarge

Typically I paint scenes of New England all the time. However, with Nature’s Gift I decided to focus in on the smallest detail to create the largest emotion. In late winter to early spring, when the sap is running, farmers tap into their maple trees. They need to collect large amounts of a thin sappy liquid to take back to a sugar shack and boil down to maple syrup. The buckets on this maple tree are a common scene in the countryside and remind me of the uniqueness of New England.

Most viewers are drawn to the smooth bucket in the front and enjoy the juxtaposition of it against the rough bark. However, I take the most pleasure from the dented buckets as their imperfections communicate years of use and a lifetime of tradition.


$87.50 Limited Edition Giclee print on paper. 200 signed and numbered by artist. Image size: 21×27
Limited Edition Giclee print on stretched canvas. 295 signed and numbered by artist. Size: 24×30

$40 Matted Giclee mini print on paper. Signed by artist. Image size: 5.5×7