Day’s End

Day’s End ~ click to enlarge

I grew up in rural Connecticut to a family of farmers. In high school, after the end of a long, labor-intensive day working the tobacco fields, I would return home to paint in my basement studio. I was the only artist in my family and probably considered unusual by some. However, my parents and uncles encouraged me to grow as a budding artist. My one Uncle Frank’s hobby was photography, and he taught me to always keep a camera nearby. He collected shots of the countryside and, in many ways, fostered my love of landscape painting.

My Uncle Frank took this picture while traveling the shoreline of Connecticut. At the end of the day, he noticed a lobsterman relaxing, with his dog in his lap, staring out at the water. When my uncle returned home, he shared with me his excitement for the subject matter. He wanted me to paint this scene, so I saved it in my archives. I painted many water scenes before I painted this one in the late seventies. About ten years ago, I gave my aunt number one of this limited edition Giclee print.


$87.50 Limited Edition Giclee print on paper. 200 signed and numbered by artist. Image size: 22×28

$40 Matted Giclee mini print on paper. Signed by artist. Image size: 5.5×7